What Is A Sash Window?

A sash window is a type of window that consists of one or more movable panels, or sashes, that are held together in a frame. The sashes can slide up and down, or sometimes swing out.

What Types Of Sash Windows Are Available?

There are several different types of sash windows. Single sash windows are the most common and feature one sash panel. Double hung windows are a type of sash window that feature two sashes which can move up and down independently of each other. Single hung sash windows are similar, but they feature one fixed panel and one movable panel. Casement sash windows are hinged at the sides and swing inward or outward. Finally, bay windows are large sash windows that include a large central panel and two small side panels.

What Type Of Buildings Are Sash Windows Suitable For?

Sash windows are suitable for a variety of buildings, from modern homes to historical properties. They are commonly found in Victorian and Georgian homes, as well as in cottages and modern apartments. They are popular choices for their timeless look and their green energy efficiency ratings. 

They provide excellent ventilation, natural light, and a view of the outdoors. Additionally, sash windows are incredibly easy to keep maintained and functioning well, making them an excellent choice for homeowners and renters alike.