Why not future-proof your home, and reduce heating bills by ensuring your windows achieve maximum thermal performance. The thermal performance of glass is measured as its U-value, with a value of 0 being the ideal. We can achieve combined frame and glass u values of 0.8. This is amongst the best available on the market. Double and triple glazed units also improve acoustic insulation of your home, allowing you to enjoy the peace and quiet you deserve.

When considering new or replacement windows in your home or a residential development, it is important to make sure you buy the correct product for the application desired. Vista Therm double and triple glazed units should be considered as we offer the highest possible insulation values with the widest range of decorative options. Safety and security glass products can be incorporated for peace of mind as well as low maintenance glass products to make life easier.These include our Elite range of Argon gas filled units to give the highest insulation factors in Europe to the Irish construction industry. Georgian inserts, leaded designs and a rainbow of colourful designs are offered to enhance the visual effect of Vista Therm and all forms are glass are offered tempered safety glass, laminated safety and acoustic glass, solar control glasses and screenprinted designs. Manufactured to the highest standards, EN 1279.

Environmental Information

  • Our uP.V.C. frames are ahead of our competitors when it comes to the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. All of our uP.V.C. frames are lead free.
  • uP.V.C windows have a life span in excess of 50 years.
  • uP.V.C can be recycled up to 4 times.
  • Profile and end-of-life windows are currently being recycled in Europe to a level of 99,000 tonnes for 2007.
  • The carbon emissions from the extrusion, transportation and installation of a uP.V.C windows would be equivalent to only 0.5% of the installed cost.
  • uP.V.C consists 57% of cooking salt (Chlorine) which is available in practically unlimited quantities
  • uP.V.C profiles have a fire classification of “hardly flammible” – they burn at extremely high temperature – 400degC and will not burn independently.