At Mahon Windows, we have a wide range of arched and curved windows available to suit any style of home.

What Arched Curved Windows?

Arched windows get their name from their shape. They have an arch at the top which gives way to a rectangular bottom. They’re typically not limited by height so they can be tall or short. Arched windows are sometimes referred to as radius or half moon windows.

If you travel through Ireland, you’ll see plenty of great examples of arched windows in modern builds which gives them great character, but they’re not a new invention and have been around since the times of the Roman Empire. Since they are speciality windows, they cost more than their more common counterparts like standard single or double-hung windows, but depending on your needs, their incredible styling can really set the tone for the design of a home.

Some of the common types of arched curved windows we install are radius windows, half round/half moon windows which come in a variety of shapes like full chord, full arch head, half arch head, elliptical, half elliptical and quarter circle.